16-Bit Esports

About Us

16-Bit Esports is an international Esports Organization founded in 2018. We specialize in organizing tournaments and competing in them with our Professional Esports teams. Our main competitive focus is League of Legends: Wild Rift.Our mission is to create an inclusive, diverse, competitive gaming community through eSports teams and tournaments. If you want to be involved, we want to help.


JSide is the newest owner of 16-Bit. He has participated in and hosted local FGC events from Miami to Hawaii to Japan. JSide is a key figure in managing the vision and purpose of 16-Bit, and specializes in rallying the troops. JSide’s main goal is to make sure every voice in 16-Bit Esports is heard.

The Bosses


Attilio the Hun

Attilio is one of the two Co-Founders of 16-Bit Esports. His love of the Esports scene as a whole has led him to everything from playing for Esports teams, streaming content, and shoutcasting live tournament matches, to founding 16-Bit Esports. He leads 16-Bit through his passion while sharing it with those around him. Attilio organizes and makes sure 16-Bit’s tournaments run as smoothly (and with as much hype) as possible.


Elvire is the other Co-Founder of 16- Bit Esports. Brought up through the Super Smash Bros scene, he has lots of experience in the world of Esports. Elvire takes special interest in the growth and progress of all members across 16-Bit. He is currently acting CFO of 16-Bit Esports.